Mostar Index of Conical and Generalized gear graph


P. Kandan - Assistant Professor, PG and Research Department of Mathematics Government Arts College, Chidambaram 608102, India.
S. Subramanian - Department of Mathematics, Annamalai University Annamalai Nagar 608002, India


In theoretical chemistry, topological index play a significant role. Bond-additive index have been utilized more extensively than other topological indices that quantify graph peripherality. In this study, we compute the exact formula of one of the recently introduced bond-additive topological index called Mostar Index to the conical graph $C(\ell,k)$. Using the result obtained here, we have corrected the result obtained by $\,Colako\check{g}lu$ Havare. Moreover we obtained the Mostar index to the new graph called generalized gear graph $C^{*}(\ell,2k).$


Conical graph, Gear graph, Mostar index