Special Issues

November 23, 2018

Special Issue on the honor of Professor Poom Kumam cause of his great works in Nonlinear Analysis is welcoming your articles.
Guest Editors:
Prof. Yeol Je Cho                  Prof. Dhananjay Gopal             Prof. Farshid Khojasteh
The Aim and Scope of Special Issue are:

• Fixed Point Algorithms for Optimization

• Nonlinear Functional Analysis and Convex Analysis

• Variational inequalities, and equilibrium analysis in economics

• Geometric Properties of Banach Spaces

• Nonlinear Iteration Methods

• Metric Fixed Point Theory and Applications

• The iterative algorithm of Fixed Points

• Best approximation and fixed point theorems

Prepare your full paper in PDF by using the style of journal founded from Here and then submit your article

by selecting one of the Guest Editors Please change the name of your manuscript into your_name_special_issue” before submitting it.