Some remarks on tripled fixed point theorems for a sequence of mappings satisfying Geraghty contraction with applications


Deepak Singh - Department of Applied Sciences, NITTTR, Under Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India, Bhopal, (M.P.), India,462002
Varsha Chauhan - Department of Mathematics, NRI Institute of Research & Technology, Bhopal M.P,India
Mehdi Asadi - Department of Mathematics, Zanjan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Zanjan, Iran.


The purpose of this paper is three fold. Firstly, we establish a tripled coincidence fixed point theorem for a sequence of mappings involving Geraghty contraction using compatibility and weakly reciprocally continuous maps in the structure of partially ordered metric spaces. The technique used in A. Roldan et al. \cite{les24} and in S. Radenovic \cite{les25} are not applicable on the presented theorems, we show that our results can not be obtained from the existing results in this field of study and thus our results are completely new and give rise a new dimension. Secondly, the notable works due to V. Berinde \cite{les20}, V. Lakshmikantam and L. Ciric \cite{les8} and Babu and Subhashini \cite{les22} are generalized and extended. Finally, some sufficient conditions are given for the uniqueness of a tripled common fixed point. Consequently, we point out some slip-ups in the main results of R. Vats et al.\cite{les19} and present a furnished version of the same. Some illustrative examples to highlight the realized improvements are also furnished. Moreover, existence and uniqueness for the solution of an initial-boundary-value problem is discussed. On the other hand, as an application to establish existence and uniqueness for the system of integral equations our results are utilized.


Partially ordered metric spaces, compatible mappings, weakly reciprocally maps, tripled coincidence point