Communications in Nonlinear Analysis (CNA)

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Communications in Nonlinear Analysis (CNA) is an international research journal devoted to the publication of significant articles in all areas and sub-areas of nonlinear analysis and applications. Surveys will not be accepted. Submitted papers must be correct, original, nontrivial, and well written. Badly written papers will be automatically dismissed at the discretion of the editor in chief. All manuscripts are refereed under the same standards as those used by the finest-quality printed math... Read more

Volume 1, Issue 2, 37-83
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Proximal Pairs And P-kkm Mappings
Author(s): Abdolrahman Razani, Nasrin Karamikabir
Pages: 37-41
Fixed Point And Coupled Fixed Point Theorems For Multivalued Contractions With Respect To The Excess Functional
Author(s): Iulia Coroian, Gabriela Petrusel
Pages: 42-62
Some Common Fixed Point Theorems For Single Valued Mappings In G-ultrametric Spaces
Author(s): Hamid Mamghaderi, Hashem Parvaneh Masiha
Pages: 63-69
On the Existence of Solution for a Singular Riemann-Liouville Fractional Differential System by Using Measure of Non-Compactness
Author(s): Shahram Rezapour, Mehdi Shabibi
Pages: 70-78
Best Proximity Point for Preňási´c Type Mappings on Metric Spaces
Author(s): Mehdi Omidvari
Pages: 79-83

Special Issues

November 23, 2018

Special Issue on the honor of Professor Poom Kumam cause of his great works in Nonlinear Analysis is welcoming your articles. Guest Editors:   Prof. Yeol Je Cho&nbsp... Read more