Functional Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications (FATMA)

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Volume 2, Issue 2, 69-117
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Some fixed point results for multivalued F-contraction on closed ball
Author(s): Muhammad Arshada, Aftab Hussainb, Muhammad Nazama, Diana Doli Canin-dekic
Pages: 69-80
Iterative reconstruction in c-fusion frame
Author(s): Reza Ahmadi
Pages: 81-87
Fixed point theorems for a pair of weakly increasing self maps under Geraghty contractions in partially ordered partial b-metric spaces
Author(s): Vedula Perraju
Pages: 88-106
Some new fixed point results for multivalued maps
Author(s): Latif Ur Rahman , Muhammad Arshad , Sami Ullah Khan , Ljiljana Gajic
Pages: 107-111
Banach’s C*-algebra contraction mappings for α-fuzzy fixed point theorems in C*-algebra valued b-metric spaces
Author(s): Chatuphol Khaofong, Poom Kumam
Pages: 112-117